Merapi, a giant beast volcano in Java island, is very well known among people’s ears. Who does not know this mystery volcano mountain. Starting from old past till now, many Javanese people still believed this volcano got some kind magical unbelievable power. Back to 2010, when this mountain showed its true power, we could see how many sorrow it left to people who lived surrounding. At that time, many people were losing not only their houses but also family they loved. Everything were taken, everyone were crying. 

Seven years has passed since that tragic moment and now, the impact areas of Merapi eruption are back into its virginity. Just like old saying, behind of tragedy, there will be something new raised. Nature jungle is raising again on the eruption impact area. And people who survived from the eruption are agreed to build some kind of memorial places to remember others that in this place, there was a tragic moment happened. This memorial places later become new adventure spot in Yogyakarta.

Because I’m too curious to feel this new holiday spot, later I asked my family to go there. To get to this place, I used waze app to show the directions. Luckily, the directions showed are right so I can know this unbelievable spot. The very curious place I wanna visit is Merapi museum. This museum actually is a house of local people that shows what were left after the eruption. But to reach that place, we need to rent jeep car because using standart car is unable to do. The cost to rent jeep around IDR 300k – IDR 600k depends on what tour package you wanna purchase. The duration of tour around 1 – 2 hours. You will be taken to see some interesting spots such as Batu alien, Museum sisa hartaku, Bunker Kaliadem, the graveyard og Mbah Maridjan, etc. So, let’s the pictures talking to show you what results I got during this interesting adventure.

The moral message by visiting this adven spot is always thanks to God for this precious life whether you are in troubles or in happiness. And br friendly with nature.


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