Yogyakarta, one of tourism destination city in central Java, got many interesting places to visit. Many tourist outside Yogyakarta usually remembering this city for Malioboro street, of course for those who love shopping it’s paradise. But when I visited Yogyakarta, I went to some other places that sometimes it might not thinkable, a museum. I wanna introduce you my journey of educated vacation in National aircraft museum by Indonesia air force Museum Dirgantara. 

This museum will entertain you with the collection of classical airplanes and some historical stories how the Indonesia air force soldiers fought to get independence in the past. Visitors will learn how to appreciate histories of Indonesia hard work to declare its independence so they can know how difficult to achieve a freedom. Also there are several information related to Indonesia air force starting from uniforms, names of General, and names of graduated air force pilots.

To go to this national aircraft museum, the best way is by using bus or private transportation. The location is nearby Adisucipto international airport. Since the location of this museum inside Indonesia air force home base, so at the entrance gate, visitor will be asked what he or she purposes coming here by military police and required to purchase parking ticket for IDR 20000. 

After passing entrance gate, visitors will be presented a yard with some classic airplanes statue. You can take photos with this beautiful statue. When I was there, a lot of kindergarten students are having vacation here and some of them are happy enough seeing this airplanes statue.

If you feel enough taking pictures, you can go inside the museum but you need to pay ticket for IDR 10000 per person. Inside this museum, there are many information about the history of Indonesia air force itself. There is also hangar inside the museum showing its collections from airplanes until weaponry. 

There are also many dioramas showing the heroic actions of Indonesia air force soldiers to fight for freedom for Indonesia. When I saw this dioramas, I am thinking how difficult these soldiers fight to achieve freedom even they only had limited power sources. 

This place for me to be honest is perfect for alternative tourism spots if you are bored with others places Yogyakarta offered. Not only beautiful photos you can get but some knowledge for your children as well. Hunting good vacation sometimes does not need expensive prices.


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