Hello my dear fellow wordpress friends. Today I will tell about famous tasty night snack called terang bulan cookie or sweet martabak. Since I was kid till now I’m still loving this cookie. This cookie is very popular as snack for coffee or tea time at night. What makes people love it is because the sweetness and soft texture it got.

This cookie is easily found in every parts of Indonesia. There are hundreds or even thousands food sellers selling this cookie either from traditional or modern looks. You don’t need to worry for the price because this one is quite cheap ranging from IDR 25000 to IDR 150000. The price actually depends on what topping you’re gonna put inside from chocolate, cheese, green tea kitkat, strawberry, banana. 

See on the picture above, that’s the delicious image of tasty snack that’s going to flirting your tongue to try. For you who loves sweetness, trust me you’re gonna love it since first bite. I shared to you the secret how to choose the superb terang bulan cookie. It is on softness of  the dough. When you bite and you got soft texture, that’s the superb terang bulan cookie. Below is one example of the superb terang bulan cookie look like:

Meanwhile, like I said before, hundreds food stalls are selling this cookie. I believed you confuse to choose which one is good. I shared some famous food stalls terang bulan sellers like holland martabak & terang bulan, markobar, martabak siliwangi. Those 3 sellers offer you the best terang bulan cookie with various toppings. And nowadays, there is new trend of terang bulan with more than one toppings. You can get 4 till 8 toppings in one single large terang bulan. 

With this new variant, you can modify your own terang bulan cookie. Just search, buy, and taste it. Happy hunting then.


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