Bonjour, selamat pagi, good morning, sugeng enjing dear my fellow wordpress readers.  I wanna share my great moment when exploring Kotalama Semarang. Actually it was my first time visiting kotalama Semarang. Two years ago my workmate in Indonesia railways company told me about this place. He suggested and said this place is good for photography. And what he said is totally true. What is Kotalama Semarang anyway? What a good question. This place actually is place fully with many old Dutch buildings. Seems like it’s been used for central government during colonial era in Semarang.

How can I get there? To get here, actually it’s quite easy. I took trans semarang bus with route to Semarang Tawang station. It only takes cost IDR 3500. Quite cheap, isn’t it? Then, stop in Tawang train station. From there, take walk to right then go straight. After find mini crossroad, go right. Or you can use Google map to show you the way to kotalama. 

First time I arrived at kotalama, one thing inside my mind, unbelievable. I feel like I’m walking on alleys back to 1950s surrounding with classical buildings. So not to waste this precious time, I grab my smartphone and took some pictures which I considered as unique. Here is one of the example:

Can you see, it feels like I visited somewhere on Europe back to 1950s. What a great place! Many photographers come to this area just to hunt good spots for photography.

One famous icon at kotalama is Emmanuel church or local people always called it as Gereja Blendhuk. 

This church is totally influenced with European style. You can see on the using of big glass windows and big door as one of characteristic classic European style. Not only this building, there are some buildings nearby adopted classical European style.

Nearby Emmanuel church / Gereja Blendhuk, there is antique market that sells classic things from for instance classic telephone, furniture, painting, etc. One little advice if you wanna purchase something here is try to negotiate the price sellers offered. Sometimes the price offered is out of mind.

The right time to visit this place is around 3 pm to 5 pm and try to avoid come on weekend if you don’t want get trapped by lot of people so that you can get best photos.

Here are some others photo I got during my visit here. One lesson I learned from visiting this place is try to take care your past because it will show you your history.


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