Orchid, who does not know this beautiful flower. Almost everyone loves and admires it. Even myself also likes this flower. What makes me likes this flower is from its unique color. They had their own characteristic that others don’t.

When I visited my grandma in Yogyakarta together with my aunt’s family, I found this beautiful flower planted at my grandma’s garden. At first, I didn’t realize this flowers existence because we came at night. My auntie told me to take picture of it the next morning. When I saw it, wow it’s so adorable. Not to waste this precious opportunity, I picked up my phone and then voila they captured. Here are the result of the beauty orchids.

There are several orchids planted, but I don’t know their species.

After visiting my grandma, later we decided to explore mount of Merapi. I am curious about the museum of eruption. Some people told that this place is so excited. So for the details, please wait on my next story exploring Central Java.


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