Kue rangin, I think some of you are very well known about it especially for those from east Java. It is kinda cookie made by rice flour with coconut milk and served with fine sugar. Usually this cookie is perfect to eat for breakfast or coffee time. 

Finding this cookie is pretty easy. You can find it on every traditional markets but for your information, it had different names on every Java regions. In Surabaya for example, it’s called as “Kue Rangin” but in Jakarta it’s called as “Kue Pancong” and in Semarang they called it “Kue Gandos”. You just need to pay around IDR 5000 – IDR 10000 for one single portion. Quite cheap, isn’t it.

And, if you wanna make your own rangin cookie, I will share a link showing what ingredients you need to prepare, what steps have to follow. So you can modify your own Kue rangin. The steps to make this cookie actually is not to difficult. Go check it below:


The recipe above is written on Bahasa Indonesia. So for you who are not familiar with this language, you can translate it using Google translate. Happy cooking and see you again on my next post.


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