Selamat pagi, siang, atau malam dear my fellow wordpress friends. Hope you are in good condition. Today, I’d lovely show you some of unbelievable photos showing the beauty of central Java exactly an area called Gedong Songo temples and wanna to introduce this tourism spot so that it can be one of good world destination. So, please have a look.

To get to this temples, you need to use private car or motobike. It’s so difficult to use public transport. Try to drive to area called Bandungan, central Java. You can use either Google map or waze app to show the way there. After you find entrance gate of Gedong Songo temples, then you need to buy ticket for IDR 10000 per person. What you will get there is beautiful scenery with nine Buddha temples spread ahead. 

Besides nine temples, inside this area, there is a place of holy water used by prince and princess of Mataram Kuno kingdom to take bath long time ago. Local people believed that if someone takes bath there, a fortune will follow. Actually, it’s kinda of legend.

If you wanna go camping in this place, there is one spot provided by Perhutani (kinda government division for forest protection). So you can rent yard for camping. The fare around IDR 50000 per night.

So, this place actually is quite interesting spot for spending holiday. Not too much expensive and the view offered is unbelievable. 


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