Here’s is my trip my adventure at Sam Poo Kong temple Semarang. This place is unbelievable. I truly advised you if never been there before. It’s so worth.

What this place actually is? This place is kinda of place of worship for Chinese people. This place also is the proof of Chinese warrior named Laksamana Cheng Hoo who was known for his services to spread Islam on Java island.

How we can go to visit this place? To visit this temple, there are several options you can choose. If you ride your own car or motorbike, just search Jalan Simongan on your Google map or waze app. The best way is using uber, grab, or go-jek app. Just type Sam poo kong and then you can know how much the fare is.

How much the ticket price to enter this tourism spot? To enter this temple, all visitors are requested to pay IDR 10000. Quite cheap, isn’t it? And if you wanna to enter the worship place, you need to pay again around IDR 30000. For your information, this place opens daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Here are some results when I visited Sam Poo Kong:

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