In this writing, I’d like to share my knowledge to cook Javanese fried noodle. Actually, I tried to learn cooking when I was still working on Malaysia. Basically, this cooking is quite easy like you make fried rice. Several ingredients need to be prepared such as:

  1. Instant noodle 
  2. 2 or 3 pieces of garlic
  3. Soy sauce
  4. Mustard greens
  5. Salt and pepper
  6. Cooking oil
  7. Chili 

      After preparing all ingredients above, first step you need is cook the instant noodle then stir it. Later, chop the garlic and if you like spicy, you can cut chili in small pieces. Cut also the mustard greens. 

      After that, prepare fry pan and put cooking oil inside. Put the chop garlic and cook till it produces good smell. You can also put chili inside if you like spicy. Later, put instant noodle along with little bit of water. And don’t forget to put mustard greens. Mix it up and add salt, pepper, and soy sauce. Mix it up again and cook it for 5 minutes. 

      Prepare plate and put the fried noodle on it. Gives garnishes like fried egg, slice cucumber, and fried onion. And voila, you have made delicious Javanese fried noodle.


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