Previously, I always wrote about travelling I have done. Now, I wanna write something different. When I visited my auntie at Semarang, she asked me can you help to take photos for some of her cookies creation? I told her I’d try my best. You know I’m just newbie smartphone photographer. Then suddenly I was thinking, why don’t I try to make new topic for my blog, let’s say food photography so there will be new refreshment? Ok, then I tried to create new writing about food photography and also helped my auntie to market her new bakery shop so that everyone will know it. When I took one photo and showed it to her, she said wow your photo is amazing. She said you’re talented. Starting from that, now I’m confidence to make writing about food photography and review. 

These photos were taken at Candi Prambanan barat, Kalipancur, Semarang. Still using same smartphone which is Asus zenfone 2 and mostly I used HDR mode to take photos. 

For your information, the name of my auntie bakery shop is “Rumah Kue Bu Didit”. This bakery shop is only focusing on traditional modern mini snacks such as lemper, onde-onde, cheese schotel, sweet homemade puff, risol mayo, etc.


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