Voila! Actually, I wanna share with you my friendship I build when still studying at university. I share with you a moment of friendship through some photos. These photos were taken when one my dude has graduated from his master degree. I am totally glad that this friendship still be taken care good till now. For myself, I believed that a good friend in need is a good friend indeed. And it happened on this friendship. We are sharing everything from sadness till happiness. We are helping each others when somebody had problems and celebrating happiness if somebody gets lucky. Just like musketeer said, “all for one, one for all”. So, enjoy the images and give comments if I need to improve on something. And still same, I use Asus zenfone 2 as my weapon to capture these great moments.


From this moment, I learn that trust, love, laugh, and share are things made us still can maintain our friendship well.

Stay tune for my next creation, and hasta la vista!!



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