When you are visiting new country, you need to know deeper information of the country itself so that you will avoid from something you do not want to. In this moment, I will share with you some basic common things of my country which is Indonesia. What you have to know so that your vacation will be nice.

First thing first, Indonesia is not just about Bali. Yeah of course you saw and heard from media that Bali island is beautiful and bla..bla..bla. Bali actually is part of Indonesia that for long time has been good place to spend holiday. Bali is just small part of good spots for spending holiday in Indonesia. You can visit Bandung which is known as good place for shopping local handmade products with fine quality. Or you can visit Karimun Jawa which is known for good spot for diving. So, try to explore new places in Indonesia not just Bali so that you can know Indonesia is a big country. You can seek for on Google what interesting spots Indonesia offered. Here are some good spots for spending holiday from my perspectives:

  • Mount Ranjani in Lombok Island (Good place for hiking)
  • Senggigi beach in Lombok Island
  • Ijen Mountain in Jember, East Java (Good place for hiking)
  • Bromo mountain to see sunrise in Pasuruan, East Java
  • Yogyakarta and Surakarta city for Javanese culture vacation
  • Raja Ampat in Papua for beautiful resort
  • Bunaken for great diving

Trust me; those places I mentioned above are beautiful as same as Bali.

Second thing is try to learn little bit of Indonesian language or we call it Bahasa Indonesia. It’s very important because you know in my country English is not the second language so that we had little difficulty to understand if you are saying in English. I’m sorry before if not all Indonesia people understand well English. Here are some sentences you need to learn while visiting my country:

  • Bagaimana saya dapat menuju ke (nama tempat)? (How can I go to (place name)?
  • Berapa biaya menuju ke (nama tempat) tersebut? (How much the fares to go to (place name)?
  • Di manakah tempat penukaran uang asing terdekat? (where is the nearest money changer)
  • Berapa harga dari (nama benda) ini? (How much the price of (name of the things)

Third thing is there are 707 local languages in Indonesia besides Bahasa Indonesia as national language. So don’t be surprised that when you visit some places, people are using local language not Indonesian language to communicate. It’s very common but my advice is just use Bahasa Indonesia to make you easy to communicate. FYI, if you can speak local language fluently, trust me you will get discount when purchasing something. Even you can get half price. I already tried this method.

Fourth thing is every dish in Indonesia is made with combination of several ingredients. So sometimes it had strength aroma but actually the taste is delicious. FYI, most Indonesia people is eating rice as their staple food. So you will meet rice in every dish. For Indonesia people not eating rice means you still not having your breakfast/lunch/dinner. Don’t be surprised then. My advice is tried to taste the dish with no spicy inside so you will avoid from diarrhea. And do not forget to bring your own medicine in case something urgent happens with your stomach. The common famous dishes are nasi goreng, bakmi goreng, bakso, rendang, sate, and soto. I believed your tongue can accept those dished easily even you are from Europe or America.

Fifth thing is don’t be surprised with condition of public transportation in Indonesia. Don’t imagine you get integrated transportation especially if you are visiting small town, it only possible in your dreams. My country is still trying to fix it. So better you ask first to local people about how to get your destination safely and ask first to driver how much the fare so you can avoid from fraud. And don’t forget to use map just in case you get lost somewhere. If you had enough money, you can rent motorbike or car for days so it can help you easily go to your destination. You just need to prepare your passport and of course your money.

The last thing is try to respect our culture and please don’t do something criminal in my country. We will welcome you better if you can respect our nicely.


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