Since my work contract did not extend, I got a lot of free time at home. Sometimes I confuse what should I do today. Yesterday, I decided to go out to Balekambang beach just to refresh my mind. My mind is fully with nothing to think. You will feel it if you’re on my side. Do routine at home, no income, and it makes me feel really bored actually. Wanna do travel but financial did not compromise. What a pity I am! Hahaha..

Ok, back to the story line. So yesterday, I used my old dad motobike. Hopefully, it can pass the road to Balekambang. You know I had to pass many uphill road to reach there and I used old skool motobike. But I quite sure I could pass it. On 1 pm, I started to go there. Following road signs to Balekambang, I run the bike 60 – 70 km/h. The journey is too much interesting cause there is no traffic, clean air, and got many beautiful sceneries.

When I reach the extreme uphill road, suddenly my bike is unable to pass it even I already push it too hard. Don’t wanna the engine got problem, so I decided to turn away. Nevertheless, even I can’t fulfill my passion to reach Balekambang, I still got take many pictures of good spots.Yeah, this pictures can be the substitute for my result of the journey. Wanna know the results, let’s check it out, guys!

I hope what I shared with can entertain you. Do not forget to give comments if you think it requires to be criticized. See you on my other post.


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