If you are person who are grown in early 1990s, you must know the video game called Harvest moon: back to nature. Yeah, this game was made for play station platform. It’s telling about the life of young man who comes back to his grandpa farm on small village to take care of it since it has been abandoned for several years after his grandpa passed away. On that game, we can see how beautiful of nature on small village.

Inspiring from that video game, I took journey back to my great grandpa farm on small village on small district on Malang, East Java. This is kind of neighborhood that still keeps traditional things in their daily life. Mostly people on my great grandpa neighborhood are working as farmer as they do it since Dutch colonial era. To reach this village, it’s quite easy actually. Just use your own car or bike then head to south part of Malang called Gondanglegi area. Once you arrived at this small town, then go to place called Bantur. Actually, my great grandpa village is pretty nearby from one nature tourism spot called Balekambang beach. The east Javanese people are well-known about this place. But if you are from other town / city, better you use Google map or Waze app so that you can minimize from wrong directions if you decided to satisfy your curious bout this place.

This place is a great place to settle down for a while from daily routine stress. You can still find fresh air because there is no traffic jam, even in the morning I still can see fog surrounding the air. What a great place ever for settle down.

One day when I sit on living room, I thought why this beautiful place is not captured into precious images showing miracles from His made. By using android smartphone with good enough camera pixel, I seek for some good spots to be captured. Actually, there are many good spots for photography but I just choose spot with nature background. Here I wanna show what spots I have found and captured into some pictures. Please enjoy it and kindly gives comment if there is something to be improved since I am newbie on photography.

Upper the bridge
Replica of Amazon river
What a great water dam
My great grandpa yard
A road to somewhere
Old Bridge in the middle of nowhere
Fresh greeny yard

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