Surabaya (Soerabaja on old Indonesia word dictionary) is the second largest city in Java Island. It exactly located in East Java, 977 km from Jakarta. It’s the city I was born in 27 years ago. You can find this city on map by using this direction, 07009`00” – 07021`00” south latitude and 112036` – 112054` east longitude. This city is the capital of East Java province. So don’t be surprised if you still can find traffic jam while visiting this city but not terrific like Jakarta. Like others big city in Indonesia, you can find many mixed of classical and modernism things. What I wanna show you is my journey collecting photos old history Surabaya buildings that tell us the former glory of this city on the past. On the past, Surabaya played important role as port harbor city on East Java for export and import various goods. You still can find old buildings especially nearby Tanjung Perak harbor in Surabaya. Mostly the classical buildings there are influenced with classic Dutch style. For me, these buildings are such like a art architecture that required to draw inside photo. Some famous classical buildings in Surabaya are:

1. Kalisosok prison.

2. Petekan bridge (kind of mechanical bridge located near kalimas train station).

3. Maybank office building on rajawali street.

4. Mandiri bank office near Heroes monument.

What a memoir of mechanical bridge
An abandoned place where criminal called it as hell
A door to freedom from prison of hell
A Dutch Colonial touch
Just like little Netherland
Sealed warehouse
Old Clock tower
Classic with colorful
An empty alley


To explore this area, better you use motorbike so you can get many pictures of beautiful architectures. Just type location tanjung perak on your Google map and happy hunting old architecture photos.


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