When you are on the way of a journey, you must want to record it just in case some day you can memorize it again. There are plenty ways how to record your journey starting from taking pictures, writing on notebook, and making video. For me, I’d better choose taking pictures as an old fashioned way because it will more had artistic value.

I wanna share with you what I got when having a journey from Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta. I got so beautiful memoir when visiting Yogya. For me, yogya is such a memorable place to visit. There are a lot of plenty old fashioned ways that still keep till now as part of culture. Not only old buildings we can find there but also many culture habits from people of Yogya that we can learn.

Why have to be Yogyakarta? The answer is I like things related with culture. Of course there are other places in Indonesia with their unique cultures. But I choose Yogya due to its traditional Javanese culture. But I do not know this place makes me wanna go back there someday ever and ever again. While in Yogya, I took journey to Prambanan temple because I believed this place is good for taking photography. I also visited some temples nearby Prambanan. To go to Prambanan temple, it’s quite easy actually. Just take public bus named Trans Jogja and asked the officer which line goes to Prambanan temple. The price is actually around IDR 3500. So cheap right! Then I took tour of Prambanan temple and temples nearby to hunt good photos.

So, not to waste much time, just let the pictures talking. First I am so sorry if the angle of photography is not good enough since I am still learning for this. I use my Lumia 535 as my hand tool to take photography.

WP_20161220_10_42_04_Pro.jpgWP_20161220_10_55_06_Pro.jpgWP_20161220_11_04_38_Pro.jpgWP_20161220_12_36_11_Pro.jpgWP_20161220_12_40_07_Pro.jpgWP_20161220_13_26_05_Pro.jpgWP_20161220_12_39_38_Pro.jpgPrambanan TempleWP_20161220_10_29_49_Pro.jpg

 That’s all some result of my journey exploring Prambanan. See you again on my new post.


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