Robert Louis Stevenson made a quote that says, “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move”. This quote inspires me to share with you my journey to explore port klang in Malaysia. You know I kinda person that can’t be stayed for too long on one place. I need to explore new place so that it can refresh my mind. What results I get with my friend I will share with you.  Please do not laugh at me if this short story is embarrassing for you. I just start to learn how to be a good travel writer.

In my off work day, I was thinking what should I do to spend the whole day? It’s so bored if just staying at apartment, watching TV, surfing the internet. It’s killing me slowly actually. Then something passed by in my mind, why don’t I try to explore new places beside Kuala Lumpur? Then I text my friend, Hendrik, and said to him you wanna join me exploring new place? He said where we gonna go? I said how about going to port klang since I never been there. He said all right, let’s do it. So I and my friend decided that tomorrow morning at 10 am we will explore port klang.

The next day, exactly at 10.00 am, we will take bus from bus stop near my apartment to Putrajaya Sentral. After arriving at Putrajaya Sentral, we changed the bus to go to KL Sentral. After 45 minutes sitting at bus, we arrived at KL sentral. Then, we go to KTM entrance gate to take us to port Klang. We need to wait at least 15 minutes at KL sentral station because we arrived too early. 15 minutes later, the train departure and take us to our destination. The journey takes time 1 hour 10 minutes. Our destination is the last stop for the train so we do not have to worry to miss. During on the way there, I see a place named Padang Jawa. I and my friend little bit surprise that there is a place named Jawa in Malaysia. I think maybe in the past there are a lot of Javanese people lived there so that’s why they named the place Padang Jawa.

When our train reached the Port Klang station, we little bit confused because this place is so quiet. Unlike port in my hometown where there are a lot of activities for loading and unloading goods. So, we decided to look around in case we could find good spot for taking picture. What we had on our mind, this place required improvement. There are many old building that need to be repainted. And for the garbage, it required to be handled immediately. Someday I believe it will get some improvement. Then we decided to try local meal there. I take Mee Jawa (probably in my home town it called Javanese noodle) while my friend choose chicken soup.

After taking meal time, we head to the port to seek whether there is good spot for taking picture. There we found information actually there is a tourism spot nearby called Pulau Ketam (a kind of island for crab cultivation). To go there, we need to rent a boat. I forgot how much the price. We decided not to go there and just sightseeing around.

Then, we head back to station to go back to KL Sentral. In the train, I asked my friend how if we stop by at Klang city for a while and see how the city is actually. Not much I can explore the city. I just explore area nearby train station. I found some good spot for taking photography and will share with you. Around 25 minutes, we sightseeing around and later decided go back to KL sentral to go to Chow Kit area. We want to eat Indonesian dishes at Garuda Baru Restaurant.

Here I share some pictures I got while exploring Klang and Port Klang:



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