Spicy, a word that I like to heard. Since I was child, I am so obsessed with the thing named spicy. All kind of spicy things whether it’s snack or meal, I’d be loved to eat. In this short story, I will share you some spicy meals I ever had eaten and makes me wanna eat it again and again.


The first one is when I eat bebek goreng (fried duck with spicy lime sauce) at street food vendor called “Nasi Bebek Sayang Anak”. This meal is so famous on my hometown, Surabaya, 977 km from Jakarta. The street food vendor is located on Jl. Tanjung Torowitan, Perak, Surabaya. This food is only a plate of white rice combined with crispy fried duck and spicy lime hot sauce. The most important here is the hot sauce. It’s made with combination of chili, lime, and salt. If you are person who loves spicy meal, I suggested you to try this meal. I am not trying to promote the seller but it’s so delicious to miss to try.  What I can’t believe till now is this street food vendor opens only for 3 hours every day starting from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Can you imagine how fast the food sold out?


The second one is spicy fried rice with big portion. Let’s say you buy 7 portions of fried rice and then it’s made into one single big portion only for you. This food only sells in 4th star hotel in Surabaya named Surabaya Plaza hotel. This spicy fried rice is only for dine in. I ever tried this spicy fried rice with my friends, total 5 people, and everybody can’t finish it even though I just only purchased one single portion. Just for you information, try to seek for the package with free drink if you purchase this spicy food. Just for saving more money of course.


Another spicy food I’ve ever tried is spicy chicken wings made by fast food restaurant Richeese Factory. There are 5 levels of spicy you can try in this restaurant. Better you try for level 5 so that you can challenge yourself to finish the food. I suggested you to choose for the drink are milk soda just to neutralize the spicy. Ask your friends or even family members to have challenge with you to finish these hot wings. To be honest I never finished the level 5 spicy wings because it burns my mouth and tongue.


Who does not know Samyang noodle, the famous spicy Korean spicy instant noodle. This instant noodle I ever tried and the taste is pretty much good enough. There are three kinds of Samyang noodle, the original (of course it comes to fried noodle), soup noodle, cheese noodle, and the last is cold noodle. Better you had the original ones because the spicy taste is stronger than others. I tried this noodle when I worked in Malaysia. I got challenge from my roommates to finish Samyang noodle without having to drink. And guess I won this challenge. Just share, when you got your first bite, you still not feel spicy. You will feel spicy after 3 bites. Try not to stop to eat so that you will avoid from bad spicy after effect.


The most spiciest food I’ve tried is Indomie made by restaurant named Abang Adek. What makes this so spicy is imagine you eat Indomie instant noodle combined with more than 100 chilies.  Imagine how will the taste of the noodle. Actually there are so many people have made video about challenge to finish this hell noodle. This restaurant is located on Jakarta exactly at Jl. Mandala Utara No 8, Tomang, Grogol. This restaurant is very famous for the spicy lovers and always gets crowded with visitors. There are several level of spicy you can choose, from not spicy, spicy with 20 chilies, ordinary spicy with 25 chilies, garuk spicy with 75 chilies, crazy spicy with 100 chilies, and the top one is death spicy with 150 chilies. Before you eat this noodle, just pray to God you are gonna be find after finish it.

So, for me spicy food is kind of top list in my meal time that can’t be missed. I wanna travel around the world just to taste the spicy foods from every country. That’s one of my top list dreams. Enjoy the world and also the food lah…


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