There is an old saying, a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intend on arriving. Maybe this quote would represent what I am going to share with you. Actually I am not going to tell you about describing something. I am just want to share with you about my unbelievable lost moment in Putrajaya that later opens my mind how beautiful the place I never know before.

All right just to save the time, this moment I had when I worked in Malaysia exactly on the place called Cyberjaya. It’s kind of small town located on Selangor state, 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. I am newbie at that time when stepping my foot in Malaysia. Imagine, a young man who never leave his country for 26 years and then got a chance to see new place far away from his home. For me, it was pretty excited stepping my foot on somebody country.

Since I was newbie in Malaysia at that time, I did not know very well directions. Probably I will easily get lost if I walked alone. What I knew is just how to get to office, go back from office to apartment, and buy some food near my apartment. To go to somewhere else place, I need guidance from my roommate. Luckily, one of my roommate is pretty well-known much locations in Malaysia. Actually it’s not happening on me but also other 3 of my roommates. So, let’s say we decided to visit Kuala Lumpur, we will go together and back together just like group of boy band. But it’s okay because later I can learn much about directions in Malaysia.

One day, I want to go somewhere else since only me stayed at apartment. All my 3 roommates are working. Sitting at apartment and only accompanied with Smartphone plus TV makes me feel crazy. I am kind of adventure person so I cannot hold on for too long stay at home. Then I decided to go somewhere without my friend guidance. So, I take bus from bus stop near my apartment into Putrajaya Sentral, kind of bus station near Cyberjaya. It only costs me around RM 1,50. After arriving at Putrajaya Sentral, a lot of options are standing in front of me. Which bus line should I take? Then, a spontaneous idea appeared on my head. Why am I not going to Putrajaya since my roommates told me there are a lot of good spots? So, I choose bus no 502 to take me to sightseeing around Putrajaya. I must pay for around RM 1,50.

After the bus departure from Putrajaya Sentral, later it passed some kind of bridge, the very beautiful bridge in Putrajaya. People called it Putrajaya Bridge. For me, this bridge is suitable for photography spot because the scenery surrounding the bridge is pretty awesome. For your information, Putrajaya is kind of area built for offices complex for Malaysia Ministry. You can see many Ministry office buildings. Long time ago, Putrajaya was palm forest and now, it transformed into beautiful city with so many beautiful spots such for photography. Several minutes later, the bus reached the famous place in Putrajaya called Masjid Putra Putrajaya. This is the big beautiful mosque in Putrajaya. Later I decided to go out from bus and taking some pictures on it while take a look around the building. I was so amazed with the architectures. What makes I am very surprised is the mosque located next to Malaysia prime minister office called Perdana Putra. The building architecture is combination of modern building with big domes on it. Many people are taking picture in front of the building gate so do I.

Then I saw on far side, there is a mosque but some of walls are covered with metal. I asked local person there, he told me that it’s called Masjid Besi. How to get there I asked him? He told me you can use either car or public bus. Then I tried to walk around the Prime Minister Office building and I found a beautiful park nearby. There is a sign of Putrajaya made with some flowers. It’s so beautiful. Then there are some street signs nearby showing there are some parks not far from there. Here the names of the parks (in Bahasa Malaysia):

  1. Taman Botani Putrajaya
  2. Taman Alam Rimba
  3. Taman Wawasan

After seeing the park behind Putra Perdana building, then I took bus again into IOI City Mall to eat and look for some stuff. This mall is the only largest mall in Putrajaya. During the way to IOI city mall, I was wondering if I can get lost on somewhere else places, maybe Europe I thought. Just be one of my dream someday.


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