Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is having so many beautiful spots to visit. Actually, you will spend more than 2 days just to explore Kuala Lumpur. But I will share with you my experience exploring Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding area only for 2 days. What spots I can visit and how to get there I will explain to you.

Before deciding to visit new place, one thing most of people always do is seeking for place to settle down. There are many budget hotels in Malaysia. If you want to seek the cheapest ones is located on area called Central market.

After arriving either at KLIA or KLIA 2 airports, I suggested you to look for local SIM while in Malaysia. I think you might not want to use roaming because it costs a lot of money. From my experience, just use Digi SIM card because it had cheap price for internet connection. Just prepare your passport for SIM Card activation. You can find many Digi vendors at KLIA airport. Then just go to station called KL Sentral. The easiest & cheapest way to go to KL Sentral is by using bus. It will cost you around RM 12 per person. After arriving at KL Sentral, just go to hotel you already booked. Take a shower and change your clothes.  I know the first thing you will had on your mind is Petronas Twin tower.  To go there is quite easy. There are several options you can choose. Uber, bus, conventional taxi, Grab, LRT are some options you can choose. But my suggestions just use LRT train from KL Sentral to KLCC station. It just costs you around RM 4. Then you will arrive at KLCC station, this station is under KLCC mall. Just go exit of KLCC mall, and then you can see the beautiful Petronas Twin tower. Prepare your DSLR or smartphone to take pictures.

Nearby Petronas twin tower, there is a shopping district called Bukit Bintang. For those who like shopping, do not miss this district. You can find so many brands there from local into international like Sophie Martin, Rolex, Hugo Boss, Vans, etc.  To get in there, you can use Go KL bus from KLCC and it will direct take you to Bukit Bintang. Do not worry; this bus is free to ride.

There is a good spot also on Gombak area called Batu Caves. This place is a Hindu temple and it had big statue of one of Hindu God that is precious to visit. Just take KTM train from KL Sentral station and head to Batu caves station. It only costs you around RM 2,50 per person. After arriving at Batu caves station just head to exit and then voila you already entered Batu Caves temple area. Prepare again your DSLR and smartphone and takes pictures as much as you can. For my suggestion, if you are strong enough, just take steps into stairs there from bottom into upper level. Just show yourself you are tough enough.

For those who are moslems, you can visit the oldest mosque in Kuala Lumpur called Masjid Jamek. This mosque located near Puduraya bus station and Masjid Jamek LRT station. You can go there by walking from Central Market area. Nearby Masjid Jamek area, there is a big square field called Dataran Merdeka. This place is good for photography because there are many old buildings surrounding it.

Last spot that I will share with you is Genting Highland. This place actually is kind of mall located on the hill. What makes this place interesting to visit is you need to take cable car to enter the mall. Also for those who like gambling, this place is suitable for you. You can bet your money here to get luck. But I suggested if you are not expert enough to gambling; please do not waste your money. To head to Genting highland, you can use bus from KL Sentral station. It will cost around RM 11 per person just for one way. It means that you need to spend RM 22 for round trip. I suggested you to book first the bus one day before because the trip to Genting always full with people.

So, that’s all I can informed you my experience to explore Kuala Lumpur for 2 days . Hopefully, it will help you when visiting Malaysia.



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