It’s so funny when world now is not place to live in harmony. How many wars we have created just to show which one is correct and wrong. How many people are lost their hope and dreams because of some egoism? More than enough we live in shadow to pretend everything is fine.

It’s so funny that people are unable to live without their smartphone. Yeah, we know that technology invented to help us to run our live better. But do not make technology erase our social feeling since human is social creatures. Don’t you remember that before smartphone exist, we used to say hello to each other even we do not know the person who we are talking to. Now, we just so busy looking on our 5 inch screen to check is there any updates coming. It would be better that now human is called technology creature not social creature.

It’s so funny Degree certificate and GPA are two common things people still use to get better job on big company. Of course, after finishing study at university, we received certificate that shows we are educated person. But don’t you remember, it’s just piece of paper. What we need to bring when asking job is skill, both soft skill and hard skill. We are trying to reach higher education basically just to understand who we are as human being.

It’s so funny youth now prefer modernity than traditional. They thought that traditional thing considered as old skool, not up to date. Don’t you think that fashion nowadays is going back to past. Don’t you think traditional thing is more precious than modernity things? What is the purpose reaching something up to date? So everybody will pay attention on you and place you on upper position? Better you keep traditional thing because it can help you to know your history. Remember history only happened once in a lifetime.

It’s so funny looking at news that majority is trying to dominate minority. Majority claimed that they are the rightest on all condition than minority. We now see how humanity is decreasing slowly. We also unable to predict which one is true, which one is false. Too many ambiguity information spread among us. We forget that majority can exist starting from minority first.

Perhaps it’s so horrible if human can respect each other in all condition that later brings them peaceful world. We’re going to afraid that we can keep our planet brighter than before. We will not believe if someday we can understand that what we have done give us important lesson.


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