Perhaps you as the reader thinks what’s important this writing. There is no something valuable from this writing. Indeed there is no deeply meaning on this writing. It’s a just representation of idea that comes from after somebody saw a movie. Later it inspires him to write something story about what the movie has taught him. It’s okay if you as the reader think what the hell is this about. For the writer, it’s kind of practice for his unexplored passion that he never realized for such long time.

The writer thinks by writing, he can do something to fulfill his passion and give some life. There are no others capacity he can do since he’s just a degree from literature. A disciplinary knowledge that teaches people how to value and understand literary works no matter its form such as a poem, novel, movie, drama, etc. The writer realized that his passion of writing is still in beginner level. He knows that still need efforts to make it in expert way. He believes that someday he can be good writer because he had a dream that writing should make his life better than before. The writer is too tired enough to be someone else employee. He’s tired enough to pretend to follow ordinary value on society that if you want to live better, you must follow the rules. Rules which are direct people be someone else that sometimes they don’t want to be. For some people, they can enjoy it but for some others not. The writer does not teach you to become an outlaw but try to analyze yourself whether what you do represent yourself or not. Does it make you comfortable or not.

Back again to the movie that inspires the writer, this movie called 3 idiots. An Indian movie produced around 2014 or 2015 if he’s correct. That movie tells about life of 3 university students, starting from the beginning of entering university until they graduated. How many unbelievable moment they have passed during studying at university. From those moments they learn that friendship, passion, and honesty are three things to make their dreams come true. Actually, two of them are people who always put society rules as their guidance. As we know, in India, society rules are divided into several categories based on what occupation they are. We knew it as kasta. However, only one person is different. He does not care about it. What he cares is just equality and humanity. This person later inspired the others two to be themselves, not to be tight into something that they do not want to.

After seeing this movie, the writer thinks that sure it’s true, why we have to be tight into something we do not want to. For instance, we are taught that by being rank number one at school, we can get better life in the future. We can get better jobs, better salary, etc. It’s absolutely wrong. It just teaches us to always compete with each other to become number one. Why do not we start try to change it’s nice if we can help each other to get better life. It’s more humanity. Of course, it would be hard to apply because inside our mind all those things have just applied for such long time. But there is no word late to try. For the writer, this movie makes himself understand that he has just followed something that everybody done. He has just done something routine for so much time. Sometimes it makes him feel bored. He does not know what he should do to solve this problem. He tried to move from one job into another to seek which suitable for him. He ever chose a job that actually he did not ever do it before. It only hangs on for one year. Now, the writer just sitting at home, thinking what next step he must choose. Now, he realized that he had a passion. Passion he never use it since graduated from university. He ever tried to get money from writing but at that time, he always failed because of language errors. Now, he wants to practice again how to make good writing. He believed nothing can impossible. If somebody can do it so do the writer. It only matters of decision and time.

So, the writer only can take main idea which is make yourself comfortable when you are doing something. Do not push yourself to follow something if you are not ready or even do not know how to start and finish it. Just do what you like and you are capable to take responsibility for what you have done.


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