Facebook, of course most of people in this planet know the meaning of it. Everyone right now is using it to deliver what inside their mind. They want to share the ideas from one to another. At first, it’s kind of project from ordinary tech guy named Mark Zuckerberg. On the beginning, this project is used as media for communication among students where Mark studied. But later world said differently. Later it brings him to become billionaire. The main purpose of Facebook actually same with Friendster, Myspace, and Yahoo Messenger is to deliver message. However, Facebook offers something more compared others, one is you can not only sharing status but also picture or even video. This is that later makes everyone like to use Facebook.

As the time goes by, Facebook nowadays is not also using to deliver ideas but also to use as media for online business, political campaign, or even media for sharing false information. There is much information that sometimes we cannot sure whether it’s true or not when posting on Facebook. It’s okay if somebody uses Facebook as tool to help him / her to support the business. It’s still acceptable because it’s kind of part of internet marketing. What we cannot accept is if somebody uses Facebook as tool to spread false information for instance information about black campaign, bullying, violence against religion, etc. We do not disallow you to share your ideas into public but please share something educated. It’s everyone rights to share something into public because it’s part of freedom of speech. We are too tired enough to hear or see some inappropriate information on internet. Just see how many users share something let say about political things. We can see after the election of US new president and some people are not happy with it, how many posts share on Facebook showing the incapable of new president. It also happened on my country, Indonesia. The 7th president at first got so many bullying from many haters. What is the purpose for it, you just waste your time and internet connection just to make something unworthy. I am not pro on one side of some parties or whatever. I am just neutral guy who just too tired to see the new bullying culture on the web. Why do not we use Facebook to share information how to educate people to know what politic actually is. Why it’s so important to run a country. It would be better since we know that there are some people in this planet cannot get well education. Why do not we make Facebook as online education? Just my though. Also, please stop to share pictures about violence. It’s not polite to show on public. It will teach others that violence is accepted to be used because by seeing the violence picture, unconsciously the brain will record it on unconscious mind. And the important ones is stop to against religion by posting bad things on one of religion. Religion is everybody human rights. We cannot force someone to follow our religion if he or she does not like it.

I truly hope that someday Facebook can be back again on its root, to share something fun, educating, or even talking about family or kids. Let’s hope so.


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