When we heard the word “rich”, what we think inside our mind to be honest is having a lot of money and can do anything with that money. Rich nowadays is something people seeking for. They are trying many ways how to obtain it. Once they can obtain it, they will never satisfy to get more because one basic human instinct, they never satisfied with one thing. The main question here how to make friend with the word rich itself. Are we qualifying enough to be his friend? Here, I just want to share my experience after reading one phenomenal book according to myself called Quantum Ikhlas by Erbe Sentanu. I am not trying to be his marketing to promote his book. I’m just sharing what this book is and how this book can help you reaching what you dreamed of.

First thing when we want to be rich is we have to work hard. Yes, it’s absolutely true. There is no success without making any efforts on it. No matter you are educated or uneducated person, you are requested to do something to obtain rich and success on your life. Is it just working hard that we need to obtain success to become rich? The answer is definitely a big “NO”. We also need to focus on what kind of working hard we do. We also had to be patience to make friend with word rich because there is no thing coming in instant way unless you make instant noodle. It’s just kidding.

Second thing you need to consider to be close with word rich is try to take positive things inside your life. Yes, we always heard many people are saying try to be positive thinking to make your life better. It’s true. But according to Erbe Sentanu on his book, it’s not positive thinking we need to but we also have to make our heart positively. Heart here does not means thing you say love to your beloved ones. Heart here means body organ that had function to pump all blood within your body. Why it had to be heart not mind? The answer is because heart is the central of human life. It makes all organs inside human body can function as they should be. On his book, Erbe Sentanu are trying to take us to make our heart becomes integrated with our mind to stimulate rich success in our mind. He makes example our body like a PC. PC is made with many electronic devices connected each other combined with a software to make it works. Our body also is the combination of many organs combined with software called mind. If one part on PC is not working well, it affects PC not running smoothly. It also happens in human body, if one organ is sick, indirectly our body will not feel better.

So, how to make heart as central of life can work smoothly with our mind to obtain success? The answer is tried to move the positive mind into positive feeling. There is an old saying mentioned that just follow your heart or feeling when you are confusing to choose something correctly. To obtain rich, we also need to trust our heart and feeling. We need to practice to put our heart to show the path how to obtain rich. To practice it, Erbe Sentanu gives the readers a CD contains of kind of sound to stimulate our heart and mind to work together to obtain success.

Then, we also need to make list what kind of things we dreamed of. The purpose by making the list of what we dreamed is to attract that dreams comes into reality. Remember the term “Law of Attraction” on the book called “The Secret”, it also happens to obtain rich and success to come into our life. To make list of dreams, please do not write like this one, “I can get money for IDR 1 billion”. It will more sound nice if we write like this, “It would be nice if I can get money for IDR 1 billion. So next time, just write your dreams with the sentence, “It would be nice if I (your dreams)”.

So, if you want to know more this term to obtain rich, just read the book. Please try to read the book continuously to get the deep meaning what the writer wants to show to the readers.


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