Windows phone is the project of biggest software company Microsoft to be the competitor for Android OS by Google and iOS by Apple. This project at first is hoped to give new experiences to public that Windows can be used also in smartphone.

This project is starting to go live around 2012. Nokia as we know as big company that produced featured phone is trusted to present windows phone to public. Microsoft & Nokia are having business cooperation to develop and present windows phone. Nokia directly answered this cooperation by presenting Nokia Lumia 520. This windows phone is using Windows phone 8, had 512 MB RAM, and 4 GB ROM. This OS offered new experiences for users with the presence of live tile feature that Android & iOS does not have. Users can arrange by themselves the position of the live tile. Another benefit of using windows phone is this OS really smooth even the phone only had memory for 512 MB. User still can do multitasking by accessing more than one app smoothly. Compared to Android phones with same memory, Android phones will show some lagging when accessing more than one app. User also can synchronize some documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly without having to install 3rd party app because Office 365 has been installed on the phone. Windows phone also not having too much virus inside so that user can safely browse from internet. Later, Microsoft and Nokia created many types of windows phone with many different specifications from entry level into premium level such as Lumia 830, 925, and latest one is 950.

However, windows phone still unable to defeat the domination of Android & iOS because of the apps supported on market store. Android and iOS have more than one million apps supported on market store while windows phone only had one hundred thousand apps supported on market store. This is the main reason why not all people are using windows phone because the limited apps support on market store. What makes not all software developer created software for windows phone because of the policy from Microsoft. So most of software developers are prefer to Android & iOS than windows phone.

With limited software supported on market store indirectly influences the market sell of windows phone. It market sell decreased significantly. Windows phone still unable to fight the domination of Android and iOS. Therefore, Microsoft stopped the development of windows phone in 2016. Microsoft Lumia 650 with windows 10 mobile was considered as the last windows phone sells to public. Microsoft now only focused on the development of its surface phone. We do not know whether Microsoft will change its mind to continue development of windows phone or not in next future.


Written by Hendra Sacipta

Purely inspired by using windows phone for 2 years.


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