When we talk about working or career, it had correlation with so many things. We can talk about it from many perspectives. But we only take little thing about career which is working overseas worth or not.

After graduation day, many of new fresh grads are confusing what steps they need to take next. Do they continue the study into Master degree or looking for job or career? Mostly many new fresh grads in Indonesia will choose the second choice which is looking for job. Years by years, the numbers of job seekers are increasing significantly. It can be seen in every job exhibitions, thousands of job seeker are fighting each other on gladiator arena just to win the best career for their future. They try to show their best on the eye of company by making the best resume. But only a few job-seekers are given opportunity to show their skills. It’s kind of irony actually. The rest are just sitting and facing the reality.

Actually, there is a way for job-seeker to get what they dreamed by working overseas. Indeed, there are many Indonesian people work overseas but most of them are working as housemaid or in informal sector. Only few fresh grads are working overseas especially on formal sector besides housemaid. There are several benefits by working overseas. Of course the first thing is about salary. The salary working overseas is higher than in Indonesia. But remember the life cost of living abroad also expensive. Second, you can expand your knowledge while working overseas. Third, you can see many beautiful cultures from other places. Although, we know that Indonesia consists of many cultures but it’s okay to learn about other countries cultures.

When you are deciding to work overseas, there are several things you need to consider. First, make sure you can work far away from family. You only had a few opportunities to gather with your family when working overseas. Make yourself comfortable first working far away from family. Second, try to seek for job that suitable with your skills. Working overseas sometimes does not care about your study background. Many international companies are seeking for employee with benefit skills so that they can contribute well for company. Third, try to gather more information when you are offered kind of job by a company. Mostly job-seekers do not try to seek for detail information about other information after they are accepted, how about the accommodation, place of living, expatriate income tax, tax refund declaration, working visa. The writer suggest for every job seeker to gather this small information because this little things affect on their life during working overseas.

So, working overseas can be other way for Indonesia job-seeker to get better life. The writer suggested to seek for legal job overseas so that there will be no problem against law.


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